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Fix Android Automatic touch or Ghost Touch Problem?

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There may be dust particles stuck behind your device’s display that could be causing this annoying issue. Today I came up with some permanent solutions to this ghost touch problem.

A bad drop can affect the hardware of the device causing this issue. I will tell you what causes this problem, how to fix it, and how to protect your device from being affected by it. Please read this article till the end to clear your thoughts on the Auto touch or ghost touch problem.

How to Fix Ghost Touch Issues on Android Devices

Let’s start with the easiest and simplest way to help you circumvent this problem. Sometimes my device doesn’t have this problem, but I still think it is. You should only try this fix after you determine if your device has this problem.

Return the device if it’s in warranty

Another way to correct this defect is to return the device to the manufacturer. Do this only when under warranty and replacement is free or inexpensive. Most companies offer a free replacement if the device is under warranty, but some companies may charge a fee. And this method is not fast either.

You must visit the store in person, and it may take 2-3 weeks for the device to be repaired at the care center. I recommend replacing the device if it is within the warranty period. Otherwise, it can be repaired by an authorized repair shop.

Clean the screen or protector surface.

Do you remember when the last screensaver was replaced? A dirty screen guard can cause this problem. Small dust particles are prone to these problems and are inconvenient. It is better to replace the dirty screen saver with a new one. Don’t forget to clean your device’s display as well.

Disassemble the device

It’s risky, but if you’re an expert at doing it, you can try it. You can disassemble the touch screen part of the device to determine where the problem is.

There is a possibility that the connection will be broken which could cause a fault. Do not browse all devices. You may run into another problem. So, folks, these are some tips you can try on your own to fix the “ghost touch” issue on your Android device. However, you can also try some YouTube channels that provide tips on this issue.

Finally if not fixed Contact an expert for solutions

In this case, finding a professional to repair your device is probably your best bet. Instead of opening the device yourself, visit a professional to see what’s going on inside. Most of cases, the problem is deep in the circuit and no one can fix it without expertise in smartphone repair. The Internet is the best way to find experts. So, take your phone to someone who can have it properly repaired by Google.

Let see why this issue happens Pros & cons of some of our habitual actions

If you have recently repaired your touchscreen, the problem is most likely to be with your device. What are the main causes of this automatic touch or ghost issue? You can’t blame one reason for this, because you can’t fix the reason. Here are some possible reasons that could cause this issue and you should address them.

  • Using your phone with dirty or wet hands
  • dirty screensaver
  • faulty charger
  • Applying pressure to the screen (e.g., sitting with your phone in your pocket)

What is the actual Android ghost touch issue?

Let illustrate this problem with an example. I put the device in my pocket and suddenly it starts to click automatically for no reason. It starts malfunctioning and the volume keeps going low. This issue is known as auto or ghost touch on Android devices. This problem occurs more often when charging the device multiple times. And there’s not much the software can do to solve this problem.

In most cases, the problem is related to faulty hardware directly connected to the device’s chassis. This issue also occurs on Windows and iOS devices. But more often on Android devices and leads to Android. During this issue, some parts of the display will also become unresponsive. Devices that are experiencing this problem more frequently are the Moto G4 and One Plus.

How to avoid ghost touch issues in Android issues?

If you pay attention to the little things, you can avoid or avoid this problem as much as possible. This issue was mainly caused by some strain on the screen. You bring up this issue every time you sit down with your phone in your back pocket.

Do not touch the device with wet hands as it may make the device unresponsive to touch. Clean your device’s display and screen saver regularly to prevent dust particles from colliding with the screen protector and display.

  • It is also not recommended to use a faulty charger as this is the cause of this problem.
  • To repair your screen, make sure you have the original pieces installed on your device.
  • Using a low-quality touch screen or display can cause ghost touch as well as various other issues.

Final Words:

Android devices are one of the best user-friendly devices where you can freely use almost anything except iOS. To enjoy that freedom, you must face such problems.

However, this issue is very rare on Android phones and should be fixed when it occurs. You should only try the basic methods to solve this problem. If you do not know about your device’s hardware, we recommend that you take your device to a technician for repair.

And I don’t want to hear I liked the old-fashioned button phone”. Because it contains all the tips you can try to solve this infamous problem.

If you are still having trouble resolving this issue, please leave comment below.